Keliapathar Sabuj Sangha & Library

Registered Address: Vill & P.O.- Keliapathar, District- Bankura, Pin- 722136

City Office: 234 Santi Pally (Near Garden High School) Kolkata- 700107

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Our Activities

Keliapathar Sabuj Sangha & Library

Awareness of Malaria & T.B. Control

Malaria and Tuberculosis are spreading in rural tribal areas at Indpur Block. Preventive measures may control the diseases. So Keliapathar Sabuj Sangha And Library organizes awareness camps in 5 tribal and scheduled caste villages. Health workers and volunteers of the organization have played a key role in organizing programs. 1000 villagers participated in awareness camps.

Awareness of Women and Child Rights

Women of socially excluded communities are literate, unaware, superstitious oppressed, and worst sufferers. They belong to tribal, scheduled caste, and minority communities. Their children are also deprived of their rights to education and childhood development. They do not have any concept about their rights. So the organization has organized awareness camps for 500 women and children to make them aware of their rights.

Awareness of HIV/AIDS Prevention

In the lean period tribal laborers both male and female migrate to other districts in search of works. The organization has organized 15 awareness camps on HIV/AIDS/STDs in the project areas. 1500 eligible couples and migratory laborers have been provided with information and education for safer sex and the necessity of the use of the condom, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in time, etc.

Vocational Training on Tailoring

During the year, 25 SC, ST, and minority women have undergone the training on tailoring in one batch. The expert trainer conducted the training. The trained women are involved with the production activity of clothes and the marketing of products has been organized by the organization. The artisan groups are also promoted into self-help groups.

Social Plantation in Wastelands

KSS&L has been motivating rural tribal people of forest fringe villages to undertake a Plantation program in the wastelands for both the development of the environment and family income. The district of Bankura is drought-prone and backward. Hundred years ago, the district of Bankura was enriched by dense forest and natural resources, and varieties of flora and fauna. But in the name of development and population explosion forest resources have been destroyed. Deforestation has ruined the natural resources of the block.

Child Labor School

KSS&L has been striving to eliminate the child labor system from the roots of origin. The drought-prone backward tribal villages at Indpur Block are the supply line of children in trafficking in the child labor system. We have identified more than 2000 children who have no access to childhood development. They come from poor tribal, SC facilities. Indpur and Chhatna blocks are the store of child labor because poor tribal SC and indigenous people thickly populate it. KKS&L has undertaken the program and run 6 schools for 150 child laborers.

About Us

KKS&L is voluntary organization for educational development started working since 1980


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  Registered Address: Vill & P.O.- Keliapathar, District- Bankura, Pin- 722136

  +91 9932888731 / 9830284165